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Trilogy Health. Text Recruiting. Making it Work: Employer Brand and Candidate Management

William Tincup (RecruitingDaily) and John Turner (Trilogy Health) discuss how Trilogy Health was able to use TextRecruit to revamp their recruiting workflow. The stats will amaze you.


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William Tincup


Recruiting Daily


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John Turner

HR Tech Analyst

Trilogy Health Services 


Why Candidate Experience Matters

There were two main challenges Trilogy Health had to solve in their hiring processes:

(1) is that unemployment is fairly low in health care, as 5 of the 8 fastest-growing careers are within the field; and (2) was that, as in most industries, the passive/already-employed candidates they were trying to reach were, well, working during the day. Engagement with calls and emails was low.

Enter text messaging.

They started small — a demo with three recruiters and a focus on nursing and front line roles. Success came so quickly that they scaled their use of text recruiting. All recruiters use it now, and they use it in executive searches too. It’s been incorporated end-to-end by now too: texting is a component of scheduling interviews (makes it easier to adjust on the fly), onboarding (pings about uncompleted tasks/check-ins), and even employer branding. They used to send snail mail to old employees, for example; last year they started sending texts (3K in all). “The Boomerang” occurred and some of those employees returned back — much higher than re-engaged with postal mail.

Have you considered text recruiting within hiring, but have concerns? Worries? Pain points? Think it won’t work because your tech stack is too complicated? Let’s walk through those concerns on a webinar with John Turner of Trilogy Health and William Tincup of Recruiting Daily:

  • The boomerang effect
  • Employer branding via text
  • Candidate management
  • and more… 
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