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How Sodexo Wins the Engagement Battle with Candidates

William Tincup (Recruiting Daily) and Heather Thomas (Sodexo) discuss how to think of candidates like customers, leverage text messaging for recruiting, and fully engage with technology while making sure it has a human element.

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William Tincup


Recruiting Daily 

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Heather Thomas

Recruitment Manager



How Sodexo Wins the Engagement Battle with Candidates


We’ve been hearing a lot lately about job-seekers who, having been unemployed for some time, often refer to the current recruiting process as being ‘inhumane’. While that word might be a bit drastic, it’s generally not a good sign if we’re describing the process of bringing talent into an organization the same way some describe slaughterhouses.

One issue is technology. While technology has been fantastic at connecting people and enabling processes, it doesn’t actually possess humanity. (That’s the core of concerns about the rise of artificial intelligence.) In an Utopian recruiting world, technology would be used as a tool to drive human relationships even further. Unfortunately, oftentimes is viewed as the solution, as opposed to a step towards the proper solution.

Text recruiting has become all the rage in recent years, in part because of the immediacy of text and how frequently candidates are likely to check it. There are concerns, however. Texting can seem invasive, and some companies respond to candidate inquiries with shortened links — which can seem shady. While texting could be a medium to respond uniquely to candidates, it’s often very cookie-cutter.

In short, the technology is there, and the immediacy is there, but we’re not using it in a human, connected way. We’re almost trying to make texting into a sourcing tool when it should simply be a candidate engagement and relationship-building tool.

Join the discussion and learn:

  • How to think of candidates like customers
  • How to break down silos
  • How to fully engage with technology and make sure it has a human element
  • And more!
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